About Nevis

The island of Nevis is situated in the Caribbean near the island of St Kitts, Antigua and Puerto Rico. Nevis is part of a federation which was formed with St Kitts. The island is just thirty six (36) square miles and is home to 12,000 inhabitants. Like many other Caribbean islands Nevis is a former colony of England and therefore the official language of the island is English. The currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) which is tied to the United States Dollar at the following rate; USD$1 is equivalent to XCD$2.70.

St Kitts and Nevis second citizenship program offers a safe route to effective estate planning and wealth preservation which enhance the benefits of an offshore foundation. To get details on how to apply for second citizenship in Nevis, feel free to visit the contact us page. Help can be requested and an agent will get in contact with you in the shortest time possible; additional offshore financial products such as offshore accounts, trusts and LLCs can be obtained.

Nevis has a stable economy which is maintained by a thriving tourism sector. From colonial times up to the early 2000s the sugar industry was the mainstay of the island but the government decided to abandon this industry because of its steady irreparable decline. Today tourism on the island is very popular as the island attracts a fair share of visitors each year. To get to Nevis is easy. The island can be reached by stopping off in St Kitts and taking a ferry which is just a few minutes away.

Visitors to the island of Nevis will enjoy being on this very quiet Caribbean island. Among the main activities to enjoy on the island is hiking, Scuba diving, snorkeling, biking, windsurfing and kayaking amongst other activities. The island has a great rainforest which is good for bird watching. Nevis beaches are great spots for relaxing and enjoying water sports. Amongst the popular Nevis beaches are the Oualie Beach, Lover’s beach, Pinney’s Beach, Cades Bay, Gallow beach and Herbert beach. There are many other beaches on the island.

The island can be Nevis maybe small but the island has some great hotels and other types of accommodations for guests. Nevis accommodations include resorts, plantation inns, apartments and guests houses. These can be found on beaches and very quiet communities on the island.

Nevis is a tax haven and a great offshore jurisdiction. The financial services sector of Nevis is well supervised and this sector has managed to make very good contributions to the island economy. Nevis offshore services include offshore banking, the incorporation of offshore companies, and the formation of the Nevis Multi Foundation, Nevis Trusts and the Nevis Limited Liability Company. Nevis has very progressive offshore legislation and the Nevis Multi Form Foundation is the only one of its kind. Nevis as a tax haven offers tax exemption to all offshore corporations and entities registered in on the island. Tax exemptions are guaranteed on incomes which have been gained outside of the jurisdiction of Nevis.

Nevis also has a great Second Citizenship Programs which gives individual who would have otherwise not qualified a change to become a citizen of the country. This program involves making a real estate investment or a contribution towards the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation. Successful candidates who are citizens of St Kitts and Nevis can apply for a Nevis passport which gives the holder visa free entry into many countries including Canada and England.