Nevis Multiform Foundation Features

Nevis is a Caribbean island which is also a tax haven and offshore jurisdiction. Nevis offshore tax haven offers various offshore services which include the incorporation of offshore business corporation, the registration of offshore trusts and the registration of the Nevis Multiform Foundations. The Nevis Multiform Foundation is the only type of offshore entity of its kind. This type of Nevis foundation has been incorporated in the offshore tax haven of Nevis from October of 2005.

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The Nevis Multiform Foundation as its name suggests can take on many forms including that of a Nevis Trust, Nevis corporation or a Nevis Limited Liability Company. There are step to be followed when registering the different entities in Nevis. For the formation of a Nevis multiform foundation a registered agent is needed to prepare and file paper work with the Registrar of Companies in the offshore tax haven of Nevis. Nevis tax haven has many efficient and reliable offshore service providers and registered agents who specialize in the registration of Nevis Multiform foundation.

A Memorandum of Establishment must be prepared for filing in order to register the Nevis Multiform Foundation. This document must present detailed information about the proposed Nevis Multiform Foundation. Below is a list of what should be included in the Memorandum of Establishment.

  • The proposed name of the Nevis Multiform Foundation
  • The name and address of the registered agent
  • A statement declaring which entity the Nevis Multiform Foundation should ne incorporated. If none is submitted then the entity will be registered as a Nevis foundation
  • A list of the assets, capital and property to be placed in the Nevis Foundations
  • The names and addresses of the managers of the Nevis Foundation
  • The names and addresses of the supervisory board members
  • A statement declaring whether or not the Nevis multiform Foundation is a tax resident of the tax haven or not
  • Give a date when the Nevis Foundation will be dissolved if any
  • The purpose for forming the Nevis multiform foundation
  • The bylaws of the foundation

There are many advantages to registering a Nevis Multiform foundation. Once of the most important is the fact that it helps reduce tax liabilities. Nevis is an offshore tax haven which grants tax exemptions from local taxes to offshore entities. If registered as an offshore foundation then the Nevis Multiform foundation is not liable to pay any local taxes on income gained outside of the jurisdiction. Even if the Nevis Multiform foundation is registered as a tax resident of Nevis the tax rate applied to the annual profits of the foundation is still very low. Nevis Multiform foundations who are tax residents of Nevis only pay annual taxes of 1% of its net profit. The minimum tax which must be paid by a Nevis Multiform foundation is US$1000.

A Nevis Multiform Foundation is excellent for asset protection and it receives the same form of protection that other Nevis offshore entities, receive and is also protected by the Nevis Confidential relationships Ordinance.