Nevis Offshore Foundation Advantages

The Nevis Foundation provides asset protection for all assets registered in the Nevis offshore foundation. When registering the Nevis offshore foundation the list of assets being placed in the protection of the Nevis Foundation must be declared. Offshore legislation in the tax haven of Nevis prevents persons from making claims to assets in Nevis offshore foundations. The offshore tax haven of Nevis provides privacy and security for all entities registered in the offshore jurisdiction through its Nevis Confidential Relationship Act. This protects information in Nevis The Nevis offshore foundation is available in the offshore tax haven of Nevis. The registration of the Nevis Multiform Foundation is regulated by the Nevis Multiform Foundation Ordinance which was passed in 2004. This offshore entity is possible the only one n its field as it can be registered a corporation trust or partnership and can change structure during its life span if the beneficiaries so desire. The Nevis offshore foundation has many advantages which are all listed below.

Second citizenship programs are ideal for entering new markets and accessing real estate investment opportunities. Dual citizenship has been resorted to by families and private investors. Registered agents are responsible for processing applications for second citizenships and ensure that applicants are well advised and guided about application requirements. Offshore accounts, trusts and shelf companies are other services provided.

One of the biggest advantages of the Nevis offshore foundation is the fact that it can be registered an offshore entity or as a tax resident of Nevis. If registered as an offshore entity then the Nevis offshore foundation will be treated like any Nevis exempted entity meaning that no local form of taxation will be paid by the Nevis offshore foundation on income gained outside of Nevis or on property held outside of the offshore tax haven. Nevis offshore foundations are exempted from paying stamp duty in the jurisdiction and are only liable to pay a registration fee as well as annual license fee. If the Nevis foundation is registered as a tax resident of Nevis then local taxation will be paid by the foundation. Nevis Multiform Foundation legislation states that the Nevis foundation registered as a tax resident will be taxed at a rate of 1% of its annual profits. The local taxes to be paid by a Nevis must not be lower than US$1,000.

As the name suggests the Nevis foundation can take on multiform; the Nevis foundation can be registered as any one of the following entities and can change structure during its lifetime: Nevis Trust, Nevis corporation, Nevis Limited Liability Company or a regular Nevis Foundation. Each structure is subjected to particular regulations which are laid down in the Nevis Multiform Foundation Ordinance. Persons who do not state what type of business entity the Nevis foundations is to be registered as will end up with an ordinary Nevis Foundation.

foundations and information concerning Nevis offshore foundations. Persons who gives out Nevis foundation information without the right consent if found guilty will be liable to pay monetary fines and possibly do jail time. Further privacy is provided by Nevis offshore foundation legislation which states that the beneficiaries of Nevis foundations can choose which information concerning a Nevis foundation can be placed on public record. Nevis offshore foundations have the option of not making any information public in Nevis.

Nevis offshore foundations are easy to incorporate and easy to maintain. Nevis offshore foundations are perfect for asset protection and for tax planning.